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Missing Links
The Missing Links for Design and Development

The Year 2012 For Designers And Social Media Masterminds »

"Change is inevitable" is a very boring line to start this discussion, but somehow it is the best fit. The changes witnessed by the Web Design and Social Media industry in the year 2011 were a cue for predictions in the year 2012. The word responsive can become overly predictive in 2012 much like HTML5 was in 2011. Similarly, multiple brands will pick up HTML5 and might just start showing off, unless the showoff becomes a turnoff for visitors. Assuming that Mayans prediction of the earth coming to an end in the year 2012 was a dud (hopefully), this discussion will focus on the upcoming trends that will become important in 2012 and upcoming years.

How to Set Up a Print Stylesheet »

Print style sheets are useful and sometimes even necessary because, beleive it or not, some readers don't consume media straight from the screen. So having a print version of your content is important for non-tablet users that need to take content on the road. The good news is that a print style sheet is actually very easy to craft: you can follow a couple of simple CSS techniques to create a good experience for readers and show them that you’ve gone the extra mile to deliver just a slightly better user experience.

The Missing Links for Marketing and Measurement

How Social Media Links Help Email Marketing [Infographic] »

Celebrity couples are a testament to how two hot trends can become a powerhouse just by joining forces. This is why Social Media and Email Marketing should get hitched already! If you're not integrating social media with your email campaigns you are not utilizing your network potential. Check out the stats in this infographic to see just how much of an impact a little sharing can have on your email campaigns.

Google Analytics Tutorial: Install Updated »

Remember that old Ronco infomercial where the crowd keeps yelling out, "Set it and forget it!" That's how most people think of their Google Analytics tracking script. Well, the new and improved Google Analytics gives you some super cool functionality, but it's probably time to upgrade your tracking script to take full advantage. This tutorial covers a lot of the new features, while taking you step-by-step through the process of setting up a new tracking script.

The Missing Links for Maintenance

Ordering CSS3 Properties »

Chris Coyier breaks down the significance ordering your CSS3 properties the correct way. Even if you were doing this right, there's a good chance you didn't know why it's the right way. Definitely worth the read to clean up your code.

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