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Missing Links
The Missing Links for Design and Development

Designing for Touch »

The physicality of handheld interfaces take designers beyond visual designé and on toward the field of industrial design. Instead of simply considering how a user interacts visually and with a mouse we now need to take into account the more minute corporeal reactions of our designs. From device type and the number of digits required to handle said device to the range of possible hand sizes (kiddos like apps too) the interactive elements surrounding your designs should be well thought out and thoroughly tested. This article is a great exploration of important factors to consider when designing for touch.

Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Has Launched »

I know, I know... the last thing a world needs is another front-end framework. But since Twitter launched their Bootstrap framework 6 months ago, it's been one of the most popular open source projects on Github. Version 2.0 is out and comes complete with tons of features out of the box including Javascript tools, a flexible 12-column responsive grid layout, integration with the LESS CSS preprocessor, and much more. While we certainly don't want to say it's the end-all of front-end frameworks, it certainly looks pretty powerful and worth exploring.

The Missing Links for Marketing and Measurement

Making up Stories: Perception, Language,
and the Web »

Despite the efforts of social media, writing content for the web requires a lot of strategy. Web readers expect clean fast-reading material but if you dumb it down too much you'll lose them to boredom. In order to produce high-quality, interesting and action-provoking content you'll need to brush up on your rhetoric and get ready to pack some punches.

SEO Pricing: 600+ Agencies Share Costs of Services & Pricing Models »

How much is this going to cost me? That's usually the first question we get when talking to someone about an SEO project and we've found that the expectations vary wildly. Now, you can check out this survey performed by one of the world's largest SEO online communities. You'll get the answer to the cost question and many others about how SEO/inbound marketing agencies handle search work.

The Missing Links for Maintenance

How To Use Custom Post Types To Organize Online Marketing Campaigns »

WordPress custom post types are an excellent way to be able to organize online marketing campaigns in a way that is trackable in Google Analytics. This article explains how to create a WordPress plugin that enables you to organize Internet marketing campaigns using trackable URLs, shortened versions of those URLs, and trackable QR codes that you can also use for offline marketing activities.

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