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Missing Links

Happy Valentine's Day!
— From Monkee-Boy

The Missing Links for Design and Development

What’s new for designers, February 2012 »

Refreshing your design tool kit is just as important to sustaining creativity as anything else in your repertoire. This particular list of new tools includes a little spattering of everything. We've discussed Bootstrap and Dabblet in previous Missing Links but I'll also be keeping my eye on Dolody a new weekly online magazine for design and Zoey a lightweight mobile app framework.

Musings on CSS Preprocessing »

Chris Coyier shares his experience in the world of CSS preprocessors. If you've ever thought about switching to SASS, LESS, or one of the other popular CSS preprocessors, this article will make you aware of some of the pitfalls as well as help get you up and running.

The Missing Links for Marketing and Measurement

Do Mobile Ads Still Suck? »

While the obtrusive banner ads on Angry Birds may have caused me to purchase the app, all other app advertisements go very much unnoticed on my mobile device. Turns out I'm not alone, a poll of 2,000 U.K. residents says that 88 percent ignore mobile ads in apps and 79 percent reported ads as intrusive. So the question is why do mobile ads still suck and how do we make them reach mobile users. This article discusses a revolution in mobile advertising and how to treat your target audience like the asset they are.

Google Page Layout Algorithm & Penalty »

If you have excessive ads at the top of your web site and you have noticed a drop in SEO rankings, this story (and included page-testing tool) is for you. People spend so much time trying to figure out the Google algorithm, so when they give you an official announcement and a tool to test your pages, well, it's worth a bookmark.

The Missing Links for Maintenance

10 Essential Features of Every Good
Business Website »

Updating your business's website can be an overwhelming process and a total site redesign is not always neccessary to bring your site up-to-speed with its competitors. In this article, experienced web designers bring to point which elements are essential updates for your site and what changes can wait until later or may not be needed at all. These 10 must-haves for your website that will ensure your customers have a positive experience on the site, improve your company’s web presence and increase engagement with your brand.

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