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Chris Blackmon - Front End Developer, Monkee-Boy

Chris Blackmon

Front End Developer

Chris is a Front-End Web Developer at Monkee-Boy. He enjoys his job because it requires using both the left (logic) and right (creative) sides of his brain. He believes learning to program is something everyone should learn, because it changes the way you look at the solving problems inside and outside of work.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When you're walking in a building, like a grocery store for instance. You're walking and there is a song playing on some speakers somewhere, you may or may not like the song. But you're walking and you slowly realize you're walking to the beat of the song. You're accidentally strutting to the song.

What is your go-to app, tool, resource, platform?

Chrome extension called Wappalyzer, which shows you what a site is built with. Easy way to get the answer when I'm curious about how a site or web app was built.

What's an eye-opening experience you've had?

I went scuba diving a number of years back. We went on a number of different types of dives. My favorite was the night dive. The ocean was so different than it is during the day. There was this fairly big sea turtle that kept coming up and swimming next to me for about half of the dive. It was awesome.

Ready for a long flight, Chris waits for the plan to take off in his seat.
Chris gazing upon a scenic overlook in the Texas hill country.