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Our Humble Beginning

Monkee-Boy started as a web maintenance company way back in 1998, so proactively supporting our clients post-launch is in our genes. As such, our entire team is here to help after your project goes live and is 100% committed to its ongoing success. We have built our company to be fully staffed with digital experts to ensure that your investment gets the attention it needs when it needs it. Now let's dig in a little bit to how we can help.

Monthly Health & Security Checks

Monkee-Boy's trusted Monthly Health & Security program covers pretty much everything you need to keep your WordPress site up and healthy. Our program will allow your team to continue to add content and make changes to the sire without worrying about the technical side of things. Our team will proactively keep it running smoothly.

What's included every month:

Initial Diagnosis & Set-up

  • Confirm and/or install Google Analytics
  • Initial site health analysis
  • Development environment setup
  • Migration of site to Monkee-Boy managed servers

Hosting, Monitoring & Backup

  • Website hosting on Monkee-Boy servers
  • Hourly uptime monitoring
  • Backup of site files and database (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Off-site storage of all assets

Monthly Site Maintenance (2 hours)

  • 1 hour to fix any technical issues uncovered
  • 1 hour for client requested changes

CMS Security and Update Management

  • Update CMS Core
  • Update CMS plugins/modules
  • Update CMS themes
  • Regular security scans

Proactive Site Management

  • Broken link checks
  • Visual QA of the site (up to 20 pages)
  • Web form testing

Actionable Business Data

  • Google Analytics installation
  • Google Analytics customization
  • Monthly traffic report emailed automatically

The SEO Protection Program

The SEO Protection Plan includes everything in the Monthly WordPress Health & Security Checks but also focuses on protecting your site from search and speed penalties. Our team will run initial SEO audits and baseline research to ensure all systems are properly monitoring and reporting potential problems and then we're off to the races.

This allows your team to continue to update the site and add content while our team ensures that everything is getting properly indexed and rewarded. 

What's included every month:

Initial Diagnosis & Set-up
Everything in the basic plan, plus:

  • Initial SEO analysis
  • SEO plugin setup + configuration
  • Addition of the site to our monitoring + reporting tools

Hosting, Monitoring & Backup
Everything in the basic plan, plus:

  • SEO duplicate content checks
  • SEO site issues check
  • Google crawl report (any errors Google can see on your site)
  • Site speed analysis

Security & Update Management
Everything in the Monthly Health & Security Check plan, plus:

  • Database optimization for better performance
  • Regular sitemap submission to Google and Bing
  • SEO Plugin installation & configuration

Proactive Site Management
Everything in the basic plan, plus:

  • SEO duplicate content checks
  • SEO site issues check
  • Google crawl report (any errors Google can see on your site)
  • Site speed analysis

Actionable Business Data
Everything in the basic plan, plus:

  • SEO issues report
  • SEO competitive landscape (you and two competitors)
  • SEO keyword ranking report (up to 10 keyword phrases)

Monthly site maintenance (5 hours)

  • 1 hour to fix any technical issues uncovered
  • 2 hours to address any SEO issues discovered
  • 2 hours for client requested changes

Monkee-Boy is the best! What can I say? The whole team goes above and beyond making sure that our clients' needs are met. They are incredibly responsive and work with us when our clients ask for changes fast. We are definitely using Monkee-Boy for all future projects.

-Emily McCann Public Involvement Manager, Rifeline

Monthly Reporting & Enhancement Plan

To make the most out of your site investment, we strongly recommend a dedicated Monthly Reporting & Enhancement Plan. This plan allows our team to continuously review the site, fix any issues, and consistently give your team the data and recommendations. Providing you with the knowledge that your site's life will extend well beyond 5-6 years.

What's included every month:

  • Dedicated Maintenance Manager
  • Priority Service
  • Proactive Monthly Site Audits
  • Monthly Analytics Report & Analysis
  • Quarterly Analytics Review (In Person)
  • Quarterly Enhancement Recommendations
  • Quarterly "Make My Boss Happy" Report
  • Annual Goals Realignment & Planning Session

Ad Hoc Maintenance

Ad hoc, anytime maintenance is just that – your unlimited, easy-access web support that includes ALL of our services and ALL of our staff. If you need an ongoing site strategy, we’re here. If you need design guidance, hi – we’re still here. Ready to evolve our site with new functionality? You guessed it – we’re ready for you.

Want to worry a little bit less about your WordPress site?

Let our maintenance team do the worrying for you.

If one of the programs above looks like a good fit or you're looking for a program that feels just right, let us know. Chances are we can help.

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