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WordPress Performance Audits

At Monkee-Boy, we work on a lot of WordPress websites from other agencies and developers. Our goal is to help businesses find higher ground and support them regardless of whether we built their websites or not. Supporting WordPress websites that we did not create, however, can be both risky for you and risky for us, honestly, so it's important to take a small step together and ensure we're a good fit for one another and to start things off on the right foot. We provide two options for WordPress Performance Audits: quick and in-depth.

  • Quick WordPress Audit - a free service provided by our Dev team. We will take a quick peek under the hood, review your hosting setup, and identify any concerns. If things look good, we quickly transition into a WordPress Support Program. If the risk is too high, we will provide an estimate for a more extensive audit to get a punchlist of action items that need to be taken by our team or yours.
  • In-Depth WordPress Audit - a paid service in which our team completes a "100-point inspection" on your installation, plugins, theme, speed, accessibility, and more. Included with the In-Depth Performance Audit is a written report with our recommended changes which can be cleaned up by our team OR yours. We will walk you through the details, decide the best division of labor, and then provide an estimate for any items that you would like our team to help with. If you want to take the findings and recommendations and have your team implement - great! Go forth and conquer. Need our team to step in? No worries - we'll provide an estimate and can get things rolling.

You'd be a good fit if...

  • your current agency/developer/staffer is flaking out on you and you need someone to come to the rescue.
  • you have no idea what WordPress updates are and/or how to make them.
  • you are using an off-the-shelf (OTS) template and are having performance issues.
  • you need a responsive and reliable team to take over the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance.
  • you want to be empowered to fix things but don't know where to start.

WordPress One-Time Cleanups

A WordPress One-Time Cleanup is not required in all cases. However, this is normally the next logical step after an In-Depth WordPress Performance Audit. During a WordPress housecleaning our team will work through the prioritized list of findings and recommendations discovered during the In-Depth WordPress Performance Audit and get things in tip-top shape.

A WordPress One-Time Cleanup can include, but is not limited to:

  • Hosting migrations;
  • Upgrading your WordPress site to the most up-to-date version;
  • Cleaning up your plugin stack to reduce those that are installed, used, and and creating unnecessary dependencies on future updates;
  • Performing basic web accessibility tasks to move the needle towards a more inclusive experience;
  • Minifying/reducing the amount of scripts and 3rd-party code called on every page;
  • Optimizing images, assets, and "fat" code; and
  • Potentially much more!

You'd be a good fit if...

  • your organization has completed an In-Depth WordPress Performance Audit.
  • you need help implementing our findings and recommendations.

Monkee-Boy is the best! What can I say? The whole team goes above and beyond making sure that our clients' needs are met. They are incredibly responsive and work with us when our clients ask for changes fast. We are definitely using Monkee-Boy for all future projects.

-Emily McCann Public Involvement Manager, Rifeline

WordPress Support Programs

Whether you've been the lucky recipient of a Monkee-Boy website OR if we've completed an In-Depth WordPress Performance Audit & Cleanup, we always recommend a Monthly WordPress Support Program to help keep things running smoothly as your team continues to manage the content on the site. Our WordPress Support Programs come in many shapes and sizes, and we are committed to finding programs that work perfectly for each organization's size, staffing makeup, and need. 

Monthly WordPress Support Programs can include, but are not limited to:

  • WordPress hosting support - this could be our Habitat Hosting, WP Engine hosting, or a different hosting provider;
  • Ongoing updates to the WordPress CMS core to ensure your properties are always safe and secure;
  • Ongoing updates and testing to WordPress plugins to ensure everything continues to works in harmony;
  • Monkee-Boy's Testing Toolbox which covers speed testing, link testing, quality assurance, accessibility testing and more;
  • Dedicated time to fix any priority issues we find;
  • Access to 24/7 ticketing help desk; and
  • Unlimited Ad Hoc Anytime support (either bundled into the program or billed separately).

Best for organizations that:

  • Have no idea what WordPress updates are and/or how to make them;
  • Are using an off-the-shelf (OTS) templates and are having performance issues; or
  • Need a trusted team to take over the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance.

WordPress Optimization Programs

Organizations that understand the value of the web and how quickly things can change find priceless value in having someone sitting at the table with them providing strategic guidance on where improvements can be made to keep your website at its peak level of effectiveness. Our WordPress Optimization Programs are built with this in mind and are a natural next step from the Monthly Support Programs into a deeper, more proactive relationship.

Monthly WordPress Optimization Programs normally include:

  • Full coverage for your WordPress infrastructure, core, and plugins.
  • Monkee-Boy's Testing Toolbox.
  • A client portal to keep track of recommended tasks and priorities.
  • Recurring strategic planning calls with a dedicated account manager.
  • Dedicated time to work through ad hoc requests and prioritized tasks.
  • Priority support & response times.
  • Discounted pricing.

Best for organizations who:

  • Understand the value a highly-effective website can add to an organization.
  • Are looking for a more proactive approach.
  • Appreciate a dedicate account manager to help ideate, organize, and lead the process.

Ad Hoc "Anytime" Website Maintenance

Whether you're on a WordPress Support Plan, WordPress Optimization Program, or are handling things internally, one thing is true: at some point you might need a helping hand. Monkee-Boy's Ad Hoc "Anytime" Website Maintenance is a simple time & materials (T&M) approach to getting things done. If you're a new client, we normally require the purchase of a bucket of hours. Once we've utilized those to resolve any issues, we can simply bill monthly for services as they are delivered with no limit to the amount you can request. This system makes it very easy to do your thing and call us when you get in a pinch.

Ad Hoc "Anytime" Website Maintenance normally include:

  • Access to all of Monkee-Boy's services.
  • Simple "pay for what you use" hourly billing - 1 hour minimum/day.
  • Monkee-Boy's 24/7 ticketing help desk.
  • Transparent monthly invoices.
  • SUPER fast turn around.

Best for organizations who:

  • Have a WordPress website.
  • Subscribe to any Monkee-Boy program with the added benefit of allowing you to scale up/down work without having to renegotiate any monthly program.
  • Have some internal resources but need some more technical or design guidance.

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