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Monkee-Boy is searching for a Digital Projects Account Manager who can help "build the web the world needs" by growing & supporting Monkee-Boy accounts and delivering accessible experiences to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a digital native, are empathetic, and LOVE to help. Speaking with clients, unpacking needs, and delivering results make you a happy camper.
  • You practice actively listening, handle client concerns/feedback expeditiously, accurately document client request details, and can confidently facilitate meetings and conference calls with relentless follow-up.
  • You have a holistic understanding of “digital” including design best practices in UX/UI, website development, WordPress, SEO, and web accessibility. Though you may not be an expert in any, you know “a lot about a lot” and understand how everything plays together to create a great user experience.
  • You can explain complex technical things to less technical people in a helpful, supportive, and empathetic way.
  • You look forward to working independently and collaborating with other team members, jumping in where needed to refine existing processes, as well as adapting and developing new processes as needed. You are endlessly curious and enjoy finding answers and solutions to the unknown.

Things you'd do:

  • Assist with day-to-day account management of select clients.
  • Help grow existing accounts through strategic thinking, packaging & delivery of micro-services, and proactive communication to existing MBoy clients.
  • Directly manage & refine the SMB digital project process & associated deliverables to effectively deliver accessible sites to clients with smaller budgets.
  • Help build out systems, processes, and the client experience for MBoy’s Click to Buy Services SaaS product.

How you’d help...

Digital Project Managers

  • You'd take the “client baton” after a new project launches allowing the PMs to move on to new projects.
  • You'd run point on large tickets & enhancements. Assisting where needed with content load and website QA.
  • You'd serve as a backup should PM PTO overlap.

Dev & Design Managers

  • You'd lead client communication & gather requirements/deliverables on website enhancements that are “too small for a project and too big for a ticket."
  • You'd improve team member utilization by actively looking for improvement opportunities on select client websites.
  • You'd prioritize activities on accounts with recurring monthly maintenance retainers.

Monkee-Boy Clients

  • You'd proactively keep clients informed of the latest things going on in digital, priority issues & outages, etc.
  • You'd build deeper long-term relationships with quarterly check-ins/audits.
  • You'd potentially help create, setup, & manage a “Digital Jungle” Slack community of MBoy clients.

Monkee-Boy Management

Growing MBoy's Small Website Offerings:

  • You'd assist with requirements, setup, onboarding, and PM.
  • You'd look for opportunities to successfully outsource the development of smaller projects to allow Dev to focus on bigger custom projects.
  • You'd provide feedback for ongoing refinement & MBoy’s custom Mowgli WP Theme.
  • You'd build recurring revenue through ongoing WP hosting, security & health checks.

Growing & supporting Click to Buy Services (MBoy’s SaaS product):

  • You'd help with outreach, client demos, & client onboarding
    • Developing systems, processes, & documentation that streamline the setup & launching of new Click to Buy (C2B) customers.
  • You'd develop training materials that allow clients to be self-service to reduce the number of support inquiries.
  • You'd help with outlier support questions/issues.
  • You'd require development, issue reporting, and QA of new features before they are deployed.
  • You'd provide timely & accurate support to keep client retention high.
  • You'd improve customer satisfaction:
    • Identifying areas for improvement and effectiveness through ongoing customer surveys.
    • Growing 5-Star Google Reviews (to MBoy & C2BS).
    • Being a client advocate where appropriate to ensure the highest level of quality services are delivered.

Job requirements

  • You have 5+ years of client-facing digital agency experience.
  • You have helped lead, organize, & manage small website redesigns and website enhancement projects.
  • You have successfully collaborated with team members, managed team schedules/priorities, and helped provide a guiding & nurturing force for newer team members.
  • You are familiar with standard tools used for agency-life collaboration & communication including, but not limited to, GSuite (Gmail, GCal, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides), Slack, Basecamp (or alternative project management tool), Zoom, Github, etc. You are comfortable digging into HTML & CSS as it relates to content load & troubleshooting client issues.
  • You have 5+ years of in-depth WordPress experience and can speak to it at the following levels:
    • High-level to:
      • educate new prospects on why we use WordPress and how it is a trusted solution for all-size websites;
      • help new customers with basic training, education, and support.
    • Support level to:
      • run point on client communication when requests are incomplete, unclear, or require more details to ensure the Dev team has what they need to successfully complete the request(s);
      • assist the Dev team with support tickets & issues where possible, allowing them to focus on the larger, more complex requests & site buildouts.
    • Technical level to:
      • intuitively understand & troubleshoot client issues & requests;
      • understand the pros/cons of 3rd party plugins and their impact on site performance, upkeep, and future site expansion;
      • accurately unpack & explore the pros & cons of different solutions with clients;
      • train new clients on how to use the more technical components of WordPress (e.g. custom post types, media libraries, standard/trusted MBoy plugins, forms, site search, etc.);
      • efficiently communicate with the Dev team about more complex requests & issues;
      • assist the Project team where needed in resolving helpdesk issues, loading content, and QA’ing new websites & enhancements.

Bonus points for having:

  • Working knowledge of industry tools used to find opportunities for website improvement, including:
    • Google Analytics - establishing/creating website goals, generating reports, and interpreting results for clients. Extra bonus points for GA4 experience.
    • Search & Site Performance tools - Industry standards like Google Pagespeed Insights, SEMRush, and WebPageTest.org
    • Accessibility tools - Google Lighthouse, Accessibility Insights Applied experience of using web accessibility best practices for designing, building, and loading content.
  • A deeper understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and DNS management.
  • Proven success in developing & managing relationships with nearshore developers/dev teams to deliver high-quality projects on tighter budgets & timelines.
  • Experience launching & supporting SaaS products:
    • creating, documenting, & protecting business processes;
    • leading sales conversations, client demos, business development, client onboarding & support.

Work, locale, reporting & growth path

This role can work from Monkee-Boy World HQ in Austin, Tx, or remote so long as a professional environment, reliable connectivity, and ease of communication with clients & colleagues is seamless. Living in Central Time Zone is preferred.

This role would report directly to the Director of Digital Projects (currently the CEO) and work closely with the Project Team leads. Successful candidates could grow into any of the following roles:

  • Sr. Account Management
  • Director of Digital Projects
  • Future TBD roles @ Click to Buy Services

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