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Monkee-Boy is a leader in creating, securing, and growing enterprise-grade WordPress web sites. We are on a mission to "build the web the world needs" by delivering compelling, ADA compliant, and incredibly easy-to-manage digital experiences.

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Our full suite of web services allows us to build long term relationships with like-minded businesses and empower them to solve the web, throttle revenue, and evolve to have highly-effective digital ecosystems.

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Jessica Canales Earns CPACC Accessibility Certification through IAAP

Great work Jess - super proud of you!


Fearless Technical Director, James Fleeting, Celebrates 8 Year Anniversary

In a word, "booyah".


Monkee-Boy Launches New Virtual Open House for TxDOT's I-35 Capital Express


Monkee-Boy Named Top 5 Web Development Firm by the Austin Business Journal

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Super Cheap Signs Enlists Monkee-Boy for Digital Marketing


Digital Project Manager, Joanne Flynn, Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary


The Contemporary Austin Selects Monkee-Boy for Website Enhancement Project


Sr Developer, John Hoover, Celebrates 7th Year Anniversary @ Monkee-Boy


Kung Fu Saloon Selects Monkee-Boy for WordPress Security Upgrades

Digital karate chops and a zenlike migration to WPEngine follow.


Web Developer, Grace Faubion, Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary @ Monkee-Boy


New Accessible Experience Launched for ABC Home & Commercial Services

...and receives over 200 leads in the first 24 hours (mic drop). Check it out!

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A window room with the sun shining through it

How COVID-19 Will Help Build The Web The World Needs

What the world needs to now, more than ever, is a web that is easy-to-use, welcomes those of all abilities, and allows us to navigate the new world order as efficiently as possible. In this article, we'll explore how COVID-19 might just be the catalyst we need.

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Chart Your Course - The Web Accessibility Road Map

The second article in our "Road to Web Accessibility" series will guide you on how to formalize the path you plan to take to build an inclusive experience.

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