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WordPress Support Programs

WordPress Support Programs are designed to take care of all the "behind the scenes" upkeep that is required to keep your WordPress site running smoothly as your team continues to manage the content on the site. You focus on the content changes - we'll take care of the hard stuff in the background to proactively keep your site's security, quality, and experience rock solid. Monkee-Boy WordPress Support Programs come in many shapes and sizes to work perfectly for each organization's size, staffing makeup, and needs. 

WordPress Optimization Programs

Organizations that understand the value of the web and how quickly things can change online find Monkee-Boy's WordPress Optimization Programs priceless. WordPress Optimization Programs provided dedicated monthly web services that provide continuous improvement to your site's experience, performance, and effectiveness. Each month we will run your site against our many tools, create an ongoing list of findings and recommendations, and meet with your team to prioritize each month's action items.

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Monkee-Boy is the best! What can I say? The whole team goes above and beyond making sure that our clients' needs are met. They are incredibly responsive and work with us when our clients ask for changes fast. We are definitely using Monkee-Boy for all future projects.

-Emily McCann Public Involvement Manager, Rifeline

WordPress Performance Audits

At Monkee-Boy, we work on a lot of WordPress websites that we inherit from other agencies and developers. Our goal is to help businesses find higher ground regardless of whether we built their websites or not. Supporting WordPress websites that we did not create can, however, be risky for your team and risky for ours. As such, if we're going to help take over your site a WordPress Performance it's important to take a small step together and ensure we're a good fit for one another and to start things off on the right foot. We provide two options for WordPress Performance Audits: quick and in-depth.

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WordPress One-Time Cleanups

If your WordPress ecosystem is out of date or shows poor performance, it might be time to get the house cleaned up. During a WordPress One-Time Cleanup, our team will work run diagnostic tools against your site, create a prioritized list of findings and recommendations, discuss options on how to remedy any issues, and help to get things back in order.

Ad Hoc "Anytime" Website Maintenance

Whether you're on a WordPress Support Plan, WordPress Optimization Program, or are handling things internally, one thing is true - at some point, your team might need a helping hand. Monkee-Boy's Ad Hoc "Anytime" Website Maintenance is a simple time & materials (T&M) approach to getting things done. If you're a new client, we normally require the purchase of a bucket of hours. Once we've utilized those to resolve any issues, we can simply bill monthly for services as they are delivered with no limit to the amount you can request. This system makes it very easy to do your thing and call us when you get in a pinch.

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