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Digital strategy and web design strategy austin

Digital Diagnostics

Before doctors and medical advisors prescribe any medication or treatment to their patients, they take their pulse, run some tests, and ask a ton of questions to wrap their head around the current state of things. They do this before prescribing a solution because if they didn't it would be considered "malpractice". Why should your digital partner behave any differently?

How We Will Approach Your Project
Before we start prescribing any solutions for your goals, Monkee-Boy's digital strategy team will work diligently to learn about your stakeholders, goals, users, business needs, content, technology, infrastructure, and more to ensure our recommendations are based on real data.

We call this our “Digital Diagnostic” and it’s been refined for almost 20 years, over 500 projects, and it is what differentiates Monkee-Boy from the pack.

Need a clearer picture of your project scope?

Try a standalone Digital Diagnostic. It's perfect for the job.

Though our Digital Diagnostic is the first step of each digital project, it can also be selected as a standalone offering for your company. This will allow your team to get the baseline data and deliverables about your users, competition, content strategy, and priority features before jumping into strategy with us or any other agency.

Get Started With A Diagnostic

Stakeholder Alignment

Imagine for a second, you're paddling in a canoe with the stakeholders of your digital project. Are they rowing in the same direction or even heading to the same destination?

Normally we find some stakeholders are rowing forward, some are side stroking, and some are occasionally back peddling. This can lead to a fairly disjointed and disappointing journey. 

Our digital strategy team will ensure that our collective teams are aligned from Day 1 and raise awareness to any disconnects that might capsize the project. 

Messaging Exercises

It's not uncommon that some stakeholders find it difficult to properly express their vision and priorities. We have a solution – our Messaging Hierarchy.

As part of each project, we’ll help walk your team through a quick and fun exercise that open the lines of communication and helps paint a clear picture of how your team sees where the business is now vs how you would like your business to be perceived in the future.

We have been told by most of our clients that they wish they had completed this years ago to help solidify their brand, messaging, and approach. It's fun, painless, informative, and just might include prizes!

Audience personas for web design austin

Audience Personas

Solving the web normally comes in the shape of getting the right users to your site and then getting those users to do something that helps your business evolve. As such, properly identifying who your audiences are and what their goals, needs, concerns, and motivators are is critically important to collectively build a successful journey for them in the new experience.

Each project will include a deep dive into your target audiences to allow the collective project team to get into your users’ headspace and craft a journey that works for them and gets results for your team.

Qualitative + Quantitative Research

Monkee-Boy’s digital strategies are based on a combination of real data and our collective experience of building websites for almost two decades. Our research is comprehensive and includes many things from auditing your competition, reviewing your analytics, SEO analysis, social profile review, auditing business assets, researching comparable industries, exploring technological advancements that might apply, and more.

This approach allows for the generation of new, innovative ideas that can help set your project and business apart from the competition.

Technology Audits

There is no doubt that technology is a great thing. On the web, there are several different ways to handle any requirement, so navigating those waters can be challenging.

Have no fear, we're here to help.
One of our roles as your partner is to understand what technology you are currently using, what technology you need, and then help your team weigh the pros and cons based on budget, timeline, and business priorities. We consider ourselves to be "technology pragmatists" at heart, truthfully. This means that we do our very best to ensure any technology utilized in your project will show you some kind of ROI.

digital strategy content audits for web design austin

Content Audits

How do you feel about your site’s content? Is it performing for your users? How is it performing in search results? Is it being shared as much as you’d like?

Many of our clients have no idea that the content they have is not the content they need to accomplish their goals. Monkee-Boy’s in-depth content audit will ensure that all content is accounted for, reviewed from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint, and included as part of our holistic review as we formulate the strategy for your project.

digital strategy and austin web designers

Information Architecture

A robust information architecture (aka “site map”) is a clean organization of what content should be included on your site, how it will be organized, and from a high level what types of content should be included on each page.

This helps to lay the groundwork for planning, creation, distributing, and managing your site’s content along with carving out the different paths for your audiences to travel when they arrive. 

Responsive Wireframes

Once we have a holistic understanding of the project goals and requirements, it’s time to start constructing the blueprints for your site. These are called “responsive wireframes” (or “wires”) and are the first step in creating your new digital experience. The goal of wireframing is to showcase how the site will work across desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences. They’ll help demonstrate how users will navigate the site, what content users will see and interact with, how the content will be prioritized, and how your site will engage users into action.

Comprehensive wireframes that include both desktop and mobile views will be created for all that is required to clearly paint a picture of how our research and experience, coupled with your goals, business, and user needs will help you solve the web. Once approved, it’s off to design!

digital strategy and austin web designers swot analysis

Digital SWOT Analysis

Need an independent analysis of how your website is working? Ever wonder where there are opportunities for improvement and what weaknesses might be impacting your site’s results? Ever been curious about what threats that might be lurking around the corner?

If so, Monkee-Boy’s Digital SWOT Analysis is right for you. Through our licensed and proprietary tools, our strategy team will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the important details of what the issues are, why they’re important, how you can go about fixing the issues, and in what priority they should be addressed.

Are we a good fit for each other?

Let’s find out.

We’d love to spend an hour with you, learn a little bit more about your project, and show you how we help clients solve the web. It’s a no pressure, no strings attached way to see if we’re a good match for each other. Heck, we’ll even give you a free pair of Monkee-Boy sunglasses.

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