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We are looking for a full-time Digital Marketing Associate to join our group of creative and data-driven digital marketers. We need a team player who can get things done, wants to learn and grow as a marketer, and is driven by achieving excellent results.

You will be expected to work as an integral part of a multidisciplinary digital marketing team that plans, creates, executes, measures, and continuously improves upon our integrated digital marketing initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities

To be successful in this position, an individual must be able to perform the following job functions with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism in a fast-paced environment:

  • Content Creation & Editing—research, plan, write, edit and optimize a variety of content deliverables for all stages of the customer journey, including social media posts, blog articles, product pages, marketing emails, landing pages, and more. You should feel comfortable both critiquing others’ content deliverables and receiving constructive criticism on your writing.
  • Keyword Research—consider multiple factors related to keyword phrases—search volume, competition, purchase intent, SERP features, CPC costs, etc.—when researching, identifying, and selecting optimal keyword phrases for multiple types of marketing deliverables.
  • On-Page SEO—optimize the high-value SEO elements of a web page—content, headlines, images, internal links, META tags, etc.—to improve organic search engine rankings for one or more targeted keyword phrases.
  • Analytics & Reporting—regularly collect data on our marketing initiatives in order to report progress to stakeholders and provide the business intelligence necessary to make data-driven improvements.
  • Website Maintenance—make regular edits, load content, create new web pages and upload media to client websites using a WordPress content management system. 
  • Process Development—contribute ideas for process improvements across all of our digital marketing offerings to increase the quality, consistency, and efficiency of the services we provide to our customers.
  • Team Support—assist and support fellow team members as needed in order to balance the workload and provide a consistent and positive customer experience.

Qualifications & Skills

To be considered for this position, applicants should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Education—a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communications or any related field (or equivalent professional experience) is required.
  • Experience—the desired experience levels in the specific disciplines necessary for success in this position are listed below: 
    • Digital Marketing—at least two (2) years of professional experience working on digital marketing initiatives, including SEO, content marketing, paid media, social media, email marketing, website maintenance or a related function.
    • Content Writing and Editing—at least two (2) years of experience creating and optimizing content for external target audiences. Should understand the key components of different types of content deliverables that can vary by channel, target audience, stage of the customer journey, etc.
    • Customer Service and Communication—at least two (2) years of professional experience in customer service or managing successful client relationships. 
    • Analytics and Reporting—at least one (1) year of professional experience establishing appropriate KPIs, collecting the data needed to accurately report effectiveness, and analyzing business intelligence to provide actionable recommendations for improvement. 
    • Project Management Tools—experience using task-based project management systems (Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Trello, etc.) to manage multiple digital initiatives and associated tasks as part of a larger team. 
  • Quality Work Product—must be driven to produce high-quality marketing deliverables that achieve (or exceed) the client’s desired marketing outcomes. 
  • Communication Skills—must have strong written and oral communication skills with an ability to concisely and accurately make your point to different audiences. 
  • Continuous Learning—the desire to continuously improve digital marketing knowledge by pursuing development opportunities and seeking feedback from colleagues to improve performance.
  • Teamwork—a collaborative mindset that encourages a positive team atmosphere by being objective and open to others' views, while putting team success above individual contributions.
  • Professionalism—performs well under pressure, accepts responsibility for one's own actions and contributes to a professional company image in the workplace and at client meetings.
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