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Does this sound like you?

You're very comfortable with actively listening, handling client concerns/feedback, tirelessly documenting details of a project, and confidently facilitating meetings and conference calls.

You have a thorough understanding of the digital landscape including design best practices, content management systems, the web development process and content strategy. You're comfortable fielding client questions without always needing to check back with other team members. You have the ability to understand the requirements of client requests and ask the right questions to determine how they can fit within a project.

You look forward to open collaboration with our project team to refine existing processes, as well as adapt and develop new processes, as needed.

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Job Requirements

  • Set the tone for the project and be a motivating, positive force to help get the job done.
  • Act as the central point of contact for client communications from initial contract execution to project launch and keep issues from escalating to the executive team.
  • Understand and manage technical requirements to answer all project questions asked by internal staff and external clients.
  • Continuously and proactively communicate with clients to ensure transparency, to properly set and manage expectations, and to accurately convey overall project status.
  • Clear and concise documentation for project requirements, team questions, and any open loops.
  • Assist with content wrangling on projects including, reviewing client content, and working with the team and Project Coordinator to ensure all content is accurately loaded into WordPress.
  • Work closely with other key team members (e.g., designers, developers, marketers) to properly plan and execute projects. Regularly meet with internal team members to collaborate on the process, deliverables, and documentation to ensure Monkee-Boy is delivering a consistent and positive experience.
  • Understand client needs, history, and develop a close rapport to help establish mutual trust through accountability.
  • Engage with clients to help educate them about the project overall and fill any gaps in understanding throughout the process.
  • Passion for learning and ability to adopt new and ever-evolving industry practices to ensure project processes stay relevant.
  • Most importantly, fit within the Monkee-Boy culture and love working with a diverse group of web experts with a "no ego, fun-loving, happy dance, get your hands dirty to get the job done" mentality.


Required Super Powers

  • 3-5 years of experience in digital project management and/or client services;
  • 6+ years of hands-on experience working in digital and preference for those with a background in agency work;
  • Have an optimistic and fun-loving personality that can keep things upbeat while under pressure;
  • Must be able to give and receive feedback in a professional, collaborative manner;
  • Great people skills, including giving respectful push-back that educates the client in a helpful way, when necessary;
  • Superhuman organization and time management skills paired with the ability to cope with ambiguity and handle curveballs as they come;
  • Be willing to learn new skills - teach and be mentored;
  • Ability to learn through reading and online training.


This position will report directly to the Top Banana, will run the large projects, help facilitate ongoing retainer-based clients, and assist with organizing and executing tasks associated with all of the above.


This position will be a full-time position. The full-time candidate will be compensated based on work experience, demonstration of success, what they can bring to the table, and will be able to participate in all employee incentive programs. 

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