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In case you haven't already heard, Google has drastically shaken up SEO with the release of Google "Search Plus Your World". The search update integrates the new social network Google+ with good ol' Google search results. Now, when users search a term in Google's search engine the real-estate above the results list, to the right of the results (previously ad space) and under individual results will be populated with Google+ data.

The update was released last week and seems to only be active part of the time. So I've captured a search query with Google's personal results filter turned on and off to better illustrate what this change means to overall SEO.

Logged In/Show Personal Results

Google Search Plus your world

The default setting when you are logged into Google populates personal results all over the page. Viewers receive a list of Google+ profiles from their circles related to the search terms shown above the search results. To the right Google highlights global Google+ people and pages they think are most pertinent to your search terms. Finally, mixed in with the results are posts from your circles that directly relate to the terms searched.

Logged In/Hide Personal Results

Hide Personal results Google Search Plus Your World

Here I am logged in to Google but I have clicked "Hide Personal Results" on the top right. All circle related content is removed from results, but Google's top people and pages related to the search terms are still shown. These same results are shown when I am not logged in.

As Google remains the most popular search engine to date this in turn now makes Google+ the most visible social network in search. A lot of criticism regarding the fairness of a search engine promoting its own social results has been circulating, but Google is standing by its decision. Marketers have no choice but to follow Google's lead and get their brands represented as soon as possible to keep up with those already on Google+.

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