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Laptop and Mobile Phone

Four Tips For Hiring a Good SEO Firm for Your Business

In today's SEO climate, where Google penalties can result in all of your web pages getting removed from search results, hiring the wrong SEO company can have disastrous implications on your ability to conduct business.

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Lady on Cell Phone

Why Going Viral is a Weak Goal (And Tips to Go Shareable)

Do you remember Zack Danger Brown's potato salad Kickstarter? I recently received a message from Kickstarter asking me to either change or confirm my address so that I could receive my reward (a photograph of Zack making the potato salad) for pledging $2.00 to the campaign. In case you forgot (I did), Zack's potato salad Kickstarter went viral this past July. What started out as a joke raised over $55,000 in just 30 days.

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A photo related to presidential candidate 404 pages

Presidential 404 Pages: Who 404'd Best?

Today is the day. 2016 Texas Primaries. While the crowd of hopefuls continues to dwindle, tensions still run high. The state of politics in this country is fraught with much of the same vitriol we see every campaign year: finger-pointing, name-calling, and pandering to the lesser qualities of American society.

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Star Wars Logo

The Tie-Ins Awaken: How Brands Leverage the Success of Star Wars

Its that time of year again. No, Im not talking about Christmas. Im talking about holiday movie season. And this years most anticipated release hails from a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars film series has delighted generations since the 70s, and this week The Force Awakens will make an estimated 11 billion dollars worth of holiday movie-goer delight. You better believe that marketers know a good tie-in opportunity when they see one.

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5 Copywriting Tools We Wish Existed

In the digital world, the old-school rules of writing are just as important as they've ever been. And, yes, that does apply to social media. Good content creators leave the slang and poor punctuation out of their content. It might be okay for a text, or your personal Facebook and Twitter profiles, but we hope you hold your websites content to a much higher standard than that.

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Game of Thrones characters

For Your Next Marketing Campaign, Look to Game of Thrones

Being able to design a brand personality around an archetype that connects unconsciously with our audience is a big first step for: brand loyalty, community creation, engagement, conversions. Understand and Harness the Power of Archetypes in Marketing, Gianluca Fiorelli, MOZ

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Facebook Say Thanks

Facebook’s ‘Say Thanks’ Videos are Actually… Fun!

Last week, Facebook sent an alert prompting users to make videos for friends and family to say thanks. The reaction to this new feature has been predominantly negative. Unlike many, though, I am not wholly repulsed by the idea,

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What do you tweet?

6 Social Media Tips for the Apocalypse (And Other Brand Disasters)

An army of zombies! heading your way! Quick. What do you tweet?But consider, for a moment, that the army is not full of zombies, but rather angry, frustrated customers on Twitter. Now, what do you tweet?Most of the time, the conversation about how to establish a presence for your brand on social media revolves around engagement and shareability. Do your posts make an emotional connection with an audience that inspires sharing? Have you found the right content for your brand?

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