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OpenSymmetry Site Redesign

Project Goals

High Level: To complete a full design overhaul that can communicate the brand as a trusted thought leader in a niche market while also portraying the company values of performance, innovation and a "whatever it takes" approach.

Ground Level: Create an easier to navigate website that better showcases OpenSymmetry's worldwide presence. Create a presence for OpenSymmetry employees so that clients can better identify with individuals they could be working with.

Our Approach:

To begin the project, Monkee-Boy executed a complete brand audit, examining OpenSymmetry's existing logo and color palette in relation to the web. Monkee-Boy added a teal to the brand colors in order to help round out and mature the color palette. After the brand audit and updates were complete, Monkee-Boy worked with OpenSymmetry to portray their actual corporate culture in the website design by updating previously used elements such as arrows into a more modern and professional form.

Launch Date: Sept. 28, 2012

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