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Happy Friday crew! This week we're bringing you something a little different-- banners sized to fit the Facebook timeline with different texture, color, image, and typography treatments. Modify as you'd like to make your own personalized banner for you or your business. Feel free to use on personal or commercial projects, enjoy & share!

Free Monkee-Boy Facebook Timeline Banner Templates

Hey! Want 10 PSDs for free? We made a special downloadable package of 10 free PSDs just for you.

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Practice Hand Lettering / Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday: Practice Hand Lettering Sheets

Creating a hand-lettered piece not only allows for unique layouts, but more flexibility between letterforms, and can evoke a very specific intention that can’t be easily replicated.

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iPad Procreate Brushes

Freebie Friday: iPad Procreate Brushes

Creating pieces on an iPad can significantly enhance the flow of a lettering piece. You can start your beginning sketches using a pencil textured brush and transition to the refinement and inking stages relatively quickly.

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