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Last time we gave you a pack of 11 totally free PSDs for your web design pleasure, but we didn't want to wait that long to bundle these up (what with the holidays right around the corner and all). Here's a set of 6 free PSDs—our 5 previous PSDs, plus one awesome bonus PSD. Scroll down to check them out!

Retro Ribbons

Free Monkee-Boy Retro Ribbons

Social Share Buttons With Counter

Free Monkee-Boy Social Share Buttons

Ecommerce Sticker Pack

Free Ecommerce Sticker Pack PSD

Retro Badges

Free Retro Badges PSD

36 Vibrant Social Icons With Hover States

36 Free Vibrant Social icons With Hover States

Bonus PSD: Progress Bars

Every other Friday, we bring you something brand new and this week is no exception. Bundled exclusively with this package is a Progress Bar PSD to round out the set.


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You can also check out our previous roundup or our Freebie Friday Pinterest Board.

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