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DoubleDave's Pizzaworks

Interest 18%

Increase in visitors in first 30 days

Engagement 42%

Increase in length of sessions in first 30 days

Experience 29%

Increase in mobile use in first 30 days

DoubleDave's Pizzaworks homepage view.

About DoubleDaves

For over 30 years, DoubleDave's Pizzaworks has been serving mouth-watering pizza, stromboli and its world-famous Peproni Rolls to happy customers. As the franchise expanded across Texas and to parts of Oklahoma, so has the needs of the business, which led the company to decide it was time to redesign its website.

Diagnostic Strategy

To determine the biggest priorities for the redesign, Monkee-Boy worked with DoubleDave's to identify the biggest pain points with the current site, the unique menu, the variety of franchise locations, and the challenges of online ordering and building a larger following in the community. An easy-to-navigate site coupled with a better showcase for the brand drove the redesign efforts to better serve potential pizza lovers.

Fully Responsive Design

Previously, DoubleDave's had been maintaining both a desktop site and a mobile site. This not only created additional content work, but it also provided a divided experience to users as they changed devices to view the site. It was a priority for the redesign to create a unified experience across all devices. Each element of the site was envisioned to work consistently with any viewport. And with only one site to maintain, there was a savings in time and resources for updates.

Custom Content Management System

DoubleDave's has concerns and challenges unique to their business and industry. Open source would not cut it, so Monkee-Boy deployed its M-Pire Enterprise CMS to ensure strategy could be fully baked without having to make sacrifices to business requirements. The tools and process rules built into the M-Pire CMS fit with what they needed to run and promote the primary business and support their distribued franchise owners. 

We've worked with Monkee-Boy for our last two major website re-designs. These guys are super friendly, knowledgeable, and always find a way to get us exactly what we want. We couldn't be happier with their work or the experience of working with their team. Do yourself a favor and hire these folks for your next website project!

-Christie Lewis Ambassador of Brand & Hype
DoubleDave's Pizzaworks locations mobile view.

Renovated Location Pages

There are DoubleDave's locations all over Texas and parts of Oklahoma and each location has important information regarding hours, amenities, online ordering and events. The new website allows for easy geolocation of locations, allows for location specific social content, helps with local search and provides a simplified, yet flexible, navigation.

Schedule Ahead, Relax

Like any good business, DoubleDave's plans out promotions well in advance, and creates campaigns and supportive collateral for these. Instead of being beholden to a calendar, the new site allows their team to create content at their own pace and schedule it for the future. Whether it's a shiny new image for the homepage or a timely blog post for an event, DoubleDave's can set it and forget it with their custom CMS tools.

DoubleDave's Pizzaworks fan zone mobile view.

Seamless Social Media

With an abundance of fans, DoubleDave's works hard to engage with their audience on social media. The new site leverages this content and features it on the homepage, in the FanZone and also allows for location-specific social media for the stores that have their own accounts.

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