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Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

User Experience 25%

Decrease in Page Load Time

Engagement 21%

Decrease in Bounce Rate

Engagement 37%

Increase in Session Duration

CTRMA home view.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in Williamson and Travis counties. Their mission is to implement innovative, multi-modal transportation solutions that reduce congestion and create transportation choices that enhance quality of life and economic vitality. Monkee-Boy was tasked with helping evolve the digital presence of the organization to better align with their business goals and content needs of its staff and diverse user base.

Fully Responsive Design

One of the primary goals of the project was to improve the user experience across all devices as the previous site was close to 6 years old. Through its robust Diagnostic Strategy, Monkee-Boy identified all content types, advanced layouts and ongoing content needs to quickly establish the best approach in improving the user journeys and experiences across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices to improve usability and increase engagement.

Custom Content Management System

To assist with the ongoing management of CTRMA's large variety of content, Monkee-Boy utilized its enterprise-grade, M-Pire Enterprise CMS to provide the Mobility Authority team all the easy tools they needed to take over ongoing management of the site. The CMS also allows the Mobility Authority to extend functionality and content in the future to any satellite transportation sites and mobile apps it might consider.

Flexible Page Builder

Lots of different content and page types required the use of the flexible Page Builder within Monkee-Boy's M-Pire CMS. This advanced tool allows Mobility Authority staff to easily manage a wide variety of content types in a setting that makes the user experiences bullet proof across device types.

CTRMA digital branding update with responsive web design

Digital Branding

As part of this project, Monkee-Boy was asked to help update the digital branding of the organization to allow for more flexibility and an updated, more modern look. Monkee-Boy was up for the task and created a modified logo, adjusted the digital color palette, and created a digital style guide to help inform other partners on the best ways to use and implement the refreshed brand.

I can't say enough good things about the entire Monkee-Boy team. We recently redesigned the website and they made what is normally a painful process, pain free. They really wanted to understand how we envisioned our website being used, and by whom, and made that the focus of how to redesign the site. They helped us modernize our site and make it consumer-friendly. They managed to keep the project on time, despite me constantly missing deadlines. They were very patient and answered all of my questions. Now that the site is up and running, they're still providing top-notch service with any question I have. They have vast knowledge of web development trends and make sure the end product is user-friendly and easy to update and maintain. On top of all that, they're just a fun group of people. I always looked forward to our meetings because I knew it was going to be productive and fun.

-Sylvia Shelton Communications Specialist / CTRMA
CTRMA rates mobile view.

Toll Payment Efficiency

One of the primary issues of the older site was that users always thought CTRMA handled the actual toll payment processing. To help with this confusion, Monkee-Boy build a simple "Pay Your Toll" display that allowed users to easily be directed to the correct payment agency to answer their questions and update their information.

Real Time Toll Rates

Ever wonder what the going rate at a certain toll onramp/exit is? Look no further! Through some advanced integrations, Monkee-Boy has helped enable the real time views of rates across all Central Texas toll roads.

CTRMA rates laptop view.

Board Meeting Management

Board meetings are the way the Mobility Authority keep the public and stakeholders updated on program and project status. To help facilitate the many meetings and myriad of associated documents, Monkee-Boy worked with CTRMA to develop an robust, yet easy-to-use, system to easily schedule, manage, and promote its BOD Meetings.

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