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Free Fonts

Google WebFonts is an open source collection of hundreds of web-friendly fonts, amidst which hide some fantastic treasures. It requires a little digging to find high quality fonts, so that’s why we’ve done it for you. Here are our 10 favorite Google WebFont combinations for display & body copy, feel free to implement in your next project.

Google WebFont Combinations For Your Next Project

Sacramento & Alice

Download: Sacramento | Alice

This is a friendly, whimsical combination, that is reminiscent of bake shops, confectioneries, baby clothes, or any other youthful design.

Google Webfont Combinations

Crete Round & ABeeZee

Download: Crete Round | ABeeZee

This combination is bold and eyecatching, but the soft curves in both fonts add personality and an approachable aesthetic. This would be a great combination for a blog, some small business sites, and some apps, or a design that is appealing to a youthful audience.

 Google Web Font Combinations

Oswald & Open Sans

Download: Oswald | Open Sans

This is a classically neutral combination that would be great on a variety of projects spread throughout many industries, ranging from tech, small business, nonprofit. or even personal blogs.

Google Webfont combinations

Rokkitt & Roboto

Download: Rokkitt | Roboto

This fun combination has a clean aesthetic with a bit of playfulness. The slab serf look is very trendy right now, with the cleaner, thinner slabs being the look of the moment. This combo would work great for ecommerce.

Google webfont combinations

Amatic & Andika

Download: Amatic | Andika

Combining a hand drawn display face with a digitally created body copy is a nice way to balance the DIY aesthetic without going overboard. This would be great for an etsy shop, some ecommerce, personal blogs, or any site with hand drawn elements.

Google Webfont combinations

Antic Didone & Arapey

Download: Antic Didone | Arapey

This combination looks very high end – we can see this working well for fashion or jewelry luxury items in a very stark minimal design with oversized headers. Large text is a must for this combo, or the detailing would be lost and be harder to read.

Google webfont combinations

Flamenco & Asap

Download: Flamenco | Asap

Flamenco is an organic, feminine font with a lot of movement and vibrancy – when paired with the contemporary rounded ASAP it makes for an eyecatching combo. This combination would lend itself more to either exotic/dance-related designs, or bakeries/cupcake shops. It might take more careful planning to integrate this set, but we think it would be well worth the effort when you find the perfect project.

Google web font combinations

Abel & Ubuntu

Download: Abel | Ubuntu

This set is clean, digital looking, and neutral enough to work in tech, big business, small business, ecommerce, and more. It’s just architectural enough to be interesting, but could still be a strong look for a larger company.

Google web font combinations

Abril Fatface & Droid Sans

Download: Abril Fatface | Droid Sans

Fatface fonts are the wildcard of the digital typography world – you don’t see many of them, but when done well, they can look amazing. This look is a tribute to old advertising typefaces and would look great drastically oversized, but doesn’t work well at small, non-obtrusive sizes. But hey, if you’re using this font, you’re probably not worried about fitting in.

Google Webfont combinations

Medula One & Lato

Download: Medula One | Lato

This dramatic combination is, like Flamenco, very organic in nature. The condensed nature of the Medula typeface keeps it fresh and modern, and Lato is a chic body text option that really lets the display face shine. We can see this working well for a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, exotic goods store, or personal blog.

Google web font combinations

Squada One & Allerta

Download: Squada One | Allerta

This combination is the retro throwback of the bunch: Squada One references the chunky 70′s lettering look, and Allerta is a fresh modern balance to keep the look contemporary. This would be great for a portfolio, blog, or retro-related designs.

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