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Transportation mobile app examples

Transportation Mobile Apps: 10 Cool Features for a Better User Experience

A mobile app may not always make sense for your transportation project, but when it does, consider some of these great examples of how the right user experience can kick things up a notch.

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Freebie Friday: UX Responsive Notepads

In a time when digital reigns supreme, the art of sketching often gets pushed to the back burner. Some designers can become discouraged based on their lack of confidence with their drawing ability, but a sketch doesn’t have to be perfect.

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A photo related to presidential candidate 404 pages

Presidential 404 Pages: Who 404'd Best?

Today is the day. 2016 Texas Primaries. While the crowd of hopefuls continues to dwindle, tensions still run high. The state of politics in this country is fraught with much of the same vitriol we see every campaign year: finger-pointing, name-calling, and pandering to the lesser qualities of American society.

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Cell Phone

Jungle Lab: An App for Home Slice Pizza

What if? Not a day goes by at Monkee-Boy world headquarters in Austin, TX without someone asking a design question that starts with these two words. This is why we've created the Jungle Lab. It's not a real laboratory. There are no beakers or bunsen burners. It's more like a place for the mind to experiment, an opportunity for our team to answer some of their dangling "What If..." questions.

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Owner watering plants in window

Why You Need Good UX No Matter the Size of Your Business

If you've been researching web shops lately, its likely you've come across the term User Experience" (UX), and a lengthy list of digital agencies ready to sell it to you as a service. As with any new term in tech you may have wondered, 'Is this just another buzzword conceived to upsell the same old thing?' or 'Does my business really need it?'

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speaking into can phone

Is YO the End of Loneliness?

This past weekend, over pizza and pitchers at the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company, some friends convinced me to download Yo. Yo is an app that allows you to send and receive Yos. Yos are like text messages that always say one thing: Yo. The app can do nothing else -- you either send a Yo or you don't -- and the only reason anyone knows it exists is that the company raised $1 million dollars in seed funding. So I downloaded the app. I started Yo'ing.

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Girl with French Braids

Adding Delight to Usable Web Designs

Not too long ago, there was a debate over at UX Mastery over the following statement: We should design for usability, then add delight. One camp argued that, yes, good design is the result of a usability first approach, while the other side made cogent points like...

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7 Tips to Maintain Your Website Reputation

A great article came across our desk from our friends at EntireWeb regarding the top 7 things required to keep confidence in your site. In order to succeed and combat the competitive online world, you need to maintain a good reputation online. A good reputation does not only require a good website design but a lot more to build confidence, to grow sales and ultimately leads to better revenues and higher profitability.

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