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In light of preparing for our summer internship program, our design team is researching and gathering the best content to aid in web design mentorship. During this process, we are thinking about those in the industry who, through their social media activity, have directed or inspired our team.

These five industry leaders give back to the design community by sharing thought-provoking articles, questions, and opinions about responsive web design, user experience, open source resources, etc. through their social networks. If you are looking for a little web design inspiration and guidance, these five are a great crew to boost the quality of your social feeds.

Manik Rathee - Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

1. Manik Rathee — Former UX engineer for Obama

Manik is a very active and conscience consumer of articles relating to web design, UX, development, entrepreneurship, photography and productivity. Whether he's critiquing a new app via Twitter, sharing an inspring article on Kippt, or posting his personal photography Instagram, Manik's social media presence is a continuously positive and helpful resource.

Where to Follow:

Twitter: @ManikRathee
Instagram: @ManikRathee

Brad Frost - Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

2. Brad Frost — Web Designer, Writer, Speaker

If you follow Brad Frost on any social network, you’ll notice his avatar in which he sports a toy space helmet. This quirky prop is actually a symbol of solidarity for a philosophy known as future friendly web design. Frost's dedication toward sharing responsive web design resources, best practices and code equally match his humorous candor making him an easy follow. Plus, Frost’s social media presence is chock full of more resources than you probably have the free time to read.

Where to Follow:

Twitter: @brad_frost
SliderShare: bradfrostweb
Codepen: bradfrost
Github: bradfrost

David Kadavy  - Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

3. David Kadavy — Web Designer, Writer

David Kadavy keeps an open, inquisitive dialogue running on Twitter. So when he’s working on a hypothesis, validating a best practice, or promoting his free summer design course, what results is an interesting, well-documented and collaborative conversation between Kadavy and his social followers. This is a great opportunity for engagement and at times helps everyone involved in the conversation gain more knowledge from the convo than they would have otherwise from a blog post.

Where to Follow:

Twitter: @kadavy
AngelList: kadavy

Samantha Warren - Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

4. Samantha Warren — Twitter Designer

Samantha Warren is a big proponent of type, pattern, and mood which is probably what lead her to create Style Tiles: an open source, free design deliverable template focused on these areas. Her social media presence follows the same enthusiasm for the finer details of web design.

Where to Follow

Pinterest: samanthatoy
Twitter: @samanthatoy
Dribbble: samantha

Frank Chimero - Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

5. Frank Chimero — Designer, Illustrator, Author

Frank Chimero seems to be constantly inspired and freely shares inspirational moments on Twitter. While the depth of his design related brain dumping takes place in his publications and on his blog, following Chimero is worth the rich gems of illumination.

Where to Follow

Twitter: @fchimero

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