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Freebie Friday

It's Friday, which means our design team is back with another one of our Freebie Fridays!

This is our first set of PS actions released, and as such we wanted to explain it, as it's a bit different than our normal freebies.

If you're not familiar with actions, it's a set of commands saved in sequence, so you can open any photo, hit "go" and the photo edits will occur. We've set all these up for non-destructive editing, which means all effects are in layers grouped above your original photo, so you can tweak each layer individually if you'd like and can also revert back to your original at any time. We don't merge your layers, touch your original photos, or hide any secrets in there. So remix away! Of course, these actions are absolutely free for personal & commercial use. Just please don't redistribute as-is without a link back. Use, enjoy, and share with your friends! Click the image to download.


Download Monkee-Boy Free Crisp & Clean City Photoshop Actions

Want more?

Check out our entire collection of freebies on our Freebie Friday Pinterest board. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.@monkee-boy

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