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Person viewing the ABC website on their phone with a yard in the background

ABC Home & Commercial Services

Project: 2021 Redesign Project
CMS: WordPress
WCAG Compliance: AA

ABC Home & Commercial Services is one of the largest, independently owned services companies in the United States.

The organization consists of 1 brand, 3 family businesses, 11 different cities across 3 different states, and a wide variety of service offerings that could be offered independently or entirely in each city. 

ABC needed one elegant experience that could empower its complex businesses and hide that complexity from its prospects and customers. Tall marching orders, to say the least. 

Laptop and phone view of the ABC website's homepage
Tablet view of the ABC website's commercial overview page
Phone view of three different ABC website pages, the first showing reviews, the second showing the homepage, the third showing customer rewards
Laptop and phone view of the ABC website's Spanish overview page
Tablet and phone view of ABC's click to buy service

Priority Goals

  • Grow Commercial Services - expanding the focus beyond residential services.
  • Increase Recruiting - keep up with the growth of the company.
  • Inclusivity - Provide an ADA-compliant experience for all users.
  • Scalability - Allow for the addition of new ABC cities.
  • Flexibility - Allow each city to easily manage its service offerings.
  • SEO - Sustain and grow the organic search rankings.
  • Conversions - Streamline estimate requests and the online purchases of service offerings.


  • Multiple Companies - ABC is actually three different companies under one shared family brand.
  • Multiple Stakeholders - Three different client teams were involved in the decision-making and content production process.
  • Content - Over 1,000 pages of content to be reviewed, rewritten, migrated, and tested.
  • Sustaining Results - ABC was already receiving great lead flow and organic rankings so the pressure was on to not hinder what was working well.
  • CMS - One holistic system was going to be needed to power 11 different unique locations and shared content for commercial services and careers.
  • Commerce - ABC wanted to easily estimate, sell, cross-sell, and upsell all of their services online.
  • Elegance - All of the complexity above had to be delivered in a way that is transparent and seamless to ABC audiences. 

Great, great folks to work with. I very much respect the two partners (head Monkees) that run MB and enjoy working with them. They are my go-to guys when it comes to web and SEO work. If you're looking for a firm that's accessible and will take a long term interest in your web needs...look no further.

-Les Stobart Director of Marketing, ABC Home & Commercial
Tablet and phone view of the ABC website's location selector

Results After the First 30 Days

Austin Branch City Metros

  • 3.9% increase in organic conversions
  • Blog conversion rate increased from .03% to 0.13%
  • Organic search visits to city service pages increased by +16% and the conversion rate increased to +20.4%
  • Service estimate conversions across all Austin branch cities increased +32.7%

Houston Branch City Metros

  • +3.9% increase in overall conversions
  • Blog visit conversions increased by +50%
  • Service estimate conversions increased by +30.9%

DFW Branch City Metros

  • Request estimate conversions increased by +54.2%

Increase in organic mobile visitors


Increase in overall site visitors


Increase in total mobile visits

ABC Google Lighthouse Scores

Increase in overall Form Completions


Increase in mobile form completions


Increase in goal conversions

Monkee-Boy has continuously taken our company to places we never thought it would be. Each year brings new challenges and Monkee-Boy is always there to offer a solution.

-Julie Fredlund Director of Operations / ABC Home & Commercial Services

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