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ABC Home & Commercial Services

Interest 51%

Increase in content marketing leads

Interest 78%

increase in unique website visitors

Engagement 68%

Increase in goal conversions

ABC Home and Commercial Services home view.

About ABC

ABC Home & Commercial Services is one of that nation's largest, independently owned services companies. When the time came to take a closer look at their digital needs and how to evolve the company's digital landscape to capture more mobile visitors, increase SEO, and streamline conversions, Monkee-Boy was once again brought in to help ABC navigate their new challenges.

Robust Digitial Strategy

Organizing 100's of pages of content across varying locations and services required Monkee-Boy's Diagnostic Strategy to ensure ABC was presenting the right content, at the right time, on any device. Shortly after launch, the implementation resulted in a 35% increase in mobile visits and 78% increase in new visitors.

Fully Custom CMS

ABC's new site is powered by the custom MBoy CMS. With the increased horsepower, they can now easily manage the wide variety of advanced functionality and content required for their diverse locations and service offerings.

Click-To-Buy Purchasing

How do you keep capturing leads even when your office closes? Easy, allow users to pay and schedule appointments at any time from anywhere. Through a unique, custom developed approach, ABC now has a one-of-a-kind purchasing and scheduling portal allowing ABC customers to select, estimate, pay, and schedule services online. It even shows the user their home and calculates their square footage automatically.

Great, great folks to work with. I very much respect the two partners (head Monkees) that run MB and enjoy working with them. They are my go-to guys when it comes to web and SEO work. If you're looking for a firm that's accessible and will take a long term interest in your web needs...look no further.

-Les Stobart Director of Marketing, ABC Home & Commercial
ABC Home and Commercial Services mobile view.
ABC custom icons for web design

Custom Iconography

It's not all about the great new tools. As part of the redesign process, ABC received a new set of custom built icons to represent all of their services, features, and benefits to be used across the site, blog and other interactive functionality.

Monkee-Boy has continuously taken our company to places we never thought it would be. Each year brings new challenges and Monkee-Boy is always there to offer a solution.

-Julie Fredlund Director of Operations / ABC Home & Commercial Services
ABC peak time indicator for digital marketing activities

Peak Time Indicator

Ever want to know when termites are going to swarm or when you should fertilize your lawn? Now you can in one quick view by utilizing ABC's new interactive peak time indicator that helps visitors understand what services are most important at different times of the year.

ABC content marketing and austin web design

Streamlined Lead Generation

Smarter, not harder, right? Through the M-Pire Enterprise CMS, ABC can now easily manage which services can be scheduled and/or purchased, pricing matrices, supported zip codes and where leads should be sent, resulting in a 67.5% increase in ABC's goal conversion.

Additionally, with Monkee-Boy digital marketing support has generated over 135,000 visits from their content marketing activities – a 51% increase over the year prior. 

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