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Camp Gladiator


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Camp Gladiator Home Page

About Camp Gladiator

Founded in 2008, Camp Gladiator is the nation's fastest-growing fitness movement dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun and challenging workouts. Camp Gladiator (or "CG" to their massive following) was challenged with a digital landscape comprised with multiple microsites, cross-site navigation issues, content management limitations, and overall challenges of managing the user journey of both prospective and returning campers.

Here's how Monkee-Boy helped CG solve the web.

Digital Diagnostic Strategy

Inclusive of attending camp to understand what the CG "camper" experience was like, Monkee-Boy relied on its proven Diagnostic Strategy to understand the needs of the organization, audiences, and the CG Marketing and Tech teams responsible for maintaining and integrating with the site's advanced functionality.

After diligent research and validation efforts, Monkee-Boy developed a holistic digital strategy that validated some of CG's ideas, exposed weaknesses in messaging and content organization, and streamlined the onboarding process for new campers to increase overall conversions while educating prospects along the way.

In addition, a modular digital system was created that would allow CG's teams to easily create new page templates in an unlimited number of layouts - the perfect balance of evolving the brand and empowering the teams with all the right tools.

Website Conversion Optimization

CG is unique and, as such, the CG registration process was equally something we had never tackled before. It was a fairly long process intended to help new users understand who CG is, find a location, compare pricing options, connect with a trainer and schedule their first camp - no small order.

To help with this one-of-a-kind challenge, Monkee-Boy evaluated the onboarding processes of CG and other leading, national fitness organizations to fully understand the business's onboarding workflow and develop a simplified approach that reduced the steps involved, lowered user confusion, and streamlined the overall conversion funnel by almost 30%.

Fully Responsive Design

With the CG Diagnostic complete and user journey's mapped, the Monkee-Boy design team went to work creating a flexible and modular design system that was both responsive and scalable. The design system retained the essence of the CG brand to ensure it was consistent with other marketing initiatives and CG tools (like their mobile app) and also evolved elements to provide the teams with more flexible and scalable templates to support their unique, standardized content and easily allow them to managed new content types as they were needed.

CG Nation Integrated Website Mapping Solution

6 States, 350+ Cities, and 3500+ Locations

One of Camp Gladiator's most unique features is the huge quantity of boot camp locations that CG offers. The flexibility of being able to attend any location at any time is a huge benefit to its members. To solidify all of these camp locations into one "CG Nation" the organization has built an amazing backend to manage and power all of its systems: the website, its mobile app, and the check-in kiosks.

The challenge: Evolving the locations map and search tools to better serve its new and existing campers.

To help with this challenge, Monkee-Boy collaborated very closely with the CG Tech Team to fully understand the desired functionality, where the location searches fit within each audiences' journey, and the robust CG API. The result was a one-of-a-kind map search solution that now allows both active and new users to readily explore and find camp times and locations most convenient to them ensuring their workout goals are met.

It was a great collaboration! Thanks for the hard work, we’re thrilled with the site!

-Jeff Davidson Co-CEO, Camp Gladiator
CG Mobile Experience

The CG Mobile Experience

As part of Monkee-Boy's initial analytics audit, one thing was very clear - mobile visits were increasing month-over-month and the new mobile experience had to be one that was unique, scalable, and intuitive. The location search functionality and pricing tiers, in particular, were two of the most complex and highly used features that needed extra attention.

Monkee-Boy once again crafted a fully mobile version of the site with all of the custom elements required to ensure mobile visitors didn't suffer and provided the same ease of use as desktop and tablet users. 

The result: an incredibly curated experience that has an incredible 59% increase in mobile visits.

Camp Gladiator - M-Pire Enterprise CMS Dashboard

M-Pire Enterprise CMS For The Win

One of the primary goals of CG was to have a modular system that would easily allow their marketing team to create and manage a wide variety of content and build an unlimited number of layouts in the future as their programs and needs expanded.

Enter the M-Pire Enterprise CMS.

With the M-Pire's unique, modular page-building functionality, CG now has a design system that empowers their marketing and operations teams with the ability to quickly and easily manage content, campaigns, and regions associated with their current and future locations. They can quickly mix-and-match all different types of content which saves them money and supports their creative and "bold" marketing initiatives.

Though we had numerous options for the CMS backend, we chose to implement Monkee-Boy's enterprise-class, M-Pire CMS. It's user-friendly, was easy to teach our team, and allows for customization that might have proven difficult with other enterprise and open source systems.

-Britt Knighton (Former) Director of Marketing, Camp Gladiator

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