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Texas Department of Transportation

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About My 35 Program

I-35 through Central Texas is one of the most congested highways in Texas. It serves as the backbone of our local, regional and national transportation network, and lack of mobility on I-35 is threatening the economic livelihood of our community and our state. Improvements to this 50-year old interstate are required to address the increased congestion and travel-time delay due to population and employment growth. To help harness the program activity, construction alerts, accidents, and travel times, TxDOT needed an innovative way to manage and reach Central Texas's tech savvy audiences.

Fully Responsive Design

Unlike many of the older TxDOT sites, the My35Construction site was designed to be fully responsive for all user and devices. This approach seamlessly allows users to see construction, traffic congestion, and traffic times related to their daily commutes and lets them get the information they need, when and where they need it.

Custom Content Management System

 To break the mold of other I-35 corridor sites and provide transportation managers with increased flexibility to gather, manage, and distribute information, Monkee-Boy utilized its fully custom M-Pire CMS to power the technology. This allowed the project to explore every idea, push the boundaries of what people expect from a transportation site, and not be hindered by the restraints of open-source solutions. The increased horsepower and flexibility resulted in not only an amazing experience but immediately improved efficiency within the organization while giving it unlimited possibilities as the program grows.

Location Base Notifications

One of the primary goals of the project was to provide users with "information how they want it, when they want it." To help accomplish this goal, Monkee-Boy developed an advanced subscription system allowing users to subscribe to the unique travel areas they are interested in and receive communication specific to those areas.

Texas Department of Transportation mobile view.

Monkee-Boy is the best! What can I say? The whole team goes above and beyond making sure that our clients' needs are met. They are incredibly responsive and work with us when our clients ask for changes fast. We are definitely using Monkee-Boy for all future projects.

-Emily McCann Public Involvement Manager, Rifeline
Texas Department of Transportation interactive map mobile view.

Innovative Interactive Maps

Building one map to show vast amounts of content types across three of Texas's most congested counties was no easy task. To help with the challenge, Monkee-Boy developed advanced integrations with Google Maps and internal TxDOT systems to show the start and end points of each stretch of construction, traffic congestion, accidents, and travel times allowing all Central Texans to quickly understand any important activity that might impact their daily commutes.

Texas Department of Transportation alert mobile view.

Custom Alert System

Accidents are no fun, but they do happen all the time. Monkee-Boy helped develop an advanced alert system for the site allowing TxDOT staff to easily plan, schedule, and deploy more important alerts across the site and to their users for lane closures, construction activity and the high impact accident.

Virtual Open House home view

Virtual Open Houses

To help the community stay appraised of upcoming construction projects and gather as much community feedback as possible, Monkee-Boy helped extend TxDOT's physical, community-based open houses online, allowing for a new and innovative way for Central Texans to understand the research, strategy, and impact of upcoming enhancements and participate in the conversation.

Advanced Integrations

A lot of data requires a holistic approach to collection, management, and distribution. In addition to the map and traffic data included in the several primary and county maps, Monkee-Boy also worked closely with TxDOT to integrate live traffic feeds across all of the Smart Work Zones ensuring transparency and additional visibility into construction activity.

Monkee-Boy is a critical extension of our team and lead our digital service offerings. They are fun to work with, accountable, and consistently go above and beyond to grow and maintain our online programs. Their fresh take on creativity, partnered with behind-the-page know-how, has brought our dream web and communication programs to life.

-Melissa Hurst Mobility35 GEC Public Information / Rifeline / TxDOT

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