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We Are Blood

Interest 42%

Increase in unique visitors to the site

Engagement 40%

Increase in time spent on the site

Conversions 26%

Increase in scheduled appointments

We Are Blood home view.

About We Are Blood

When you call someone “blood,” it’s another way to call that person “family.” We Are Blood has been providing and protecting the community blood supply of Central Texans since its beginning in 1951 and when it came time to unleash their new brand to the world, they turned to Monkee-Boy to make it happen.

Diagnostic Strategy

One of the highest priorities for the We Are Blood project was getting the new brand launched as quickly as possible. Monkee-Boy had to think short term and long term though, knowing that the fine folks at We Are Blood had immediate needs and great ideas for the future. To ensure all parties had a prioritized feature list and detailed blueprint of the path before them, Monkee-Boy relied on it's proven Diagnostic Strategy to dig deep, stay nimble, and exceed expectations.

Responsive Design

Austin is one of the most technologically savvy cities in Texas. As such, it was critical that all features ranging from general information to scheduling an appointment to logging in and checking on your donation results were device friendly. Monkee-Boy relied on its time tested approach for building and testing responsive sites to ensure no donor, volunteer, or hospital was left behind.

WordPress CMS

After completing the formal Diagnostic Strategy, it was determined that WordPress would be a great fit for the We Are Blood staff, content, and future needs. Monkee-Boy developed a custom theme and several custom tools that allow We Are Blood team members to quickly and easily take over ongoing updates as their organization unfolded and supported its new and exciting identity in the Greater Austin community.

Advanced Calendaring System

Greater Austin is filled with generous Texans and Texas based businesses. To keep up with the high demand of those who wanted to donate, Monkee-Boy worked closely with We Are Blood to develop an advanced event calendaring system to easily engage, inform, and inspire users to donate at different events and locations.

Social Media Hub

To help showcase We Are Blood's active involvement in the Central Texas areas, Monkee-Boy developed a custom social media hub on their home page allowing Greater Austin to quickly understand We Are Blood's approach to culture, caring and community.

Product User Interface

One of the project goals was to make a more seamless experience for blood donors after their initial engagement. Monkee-Boy worked closely with We Are Blood's donor software provider to create a new user interface for their product that matched the updated brand to extend the experience well beyond the website.

Monkee-Boy did us right. Your team has been great to work with and the result was... well, awesome. We will be glad to leave good reviews and give good references – we are a very happy client!

-Marshall Cothran CEO / We Are Blood
We Are Blood mobile view.

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