Bullock Texas State History Museum

Wanted: New Digital Home for the History of Texas

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Project Highlights

  • "Four months after launch, the site has achieved our initial goals of expanding the Bullock Museum's audience and making history and culture relevant. Monkee-Boy's enthusiasm for Texas and history and keen understanding of how people learn and navigate websites helped make the project a success."
    Dr. Victoria Ramirez, Director
  • "Far from being a static online repository that simply reflects the text and artifacts of the physical exhibits, your new site engages visitors by providing ways for them to contribute their own artifacts and their own stories to the complex and collective narrative that is Texas. As a result, you’ve created a resource that will continually renew itself and ensure that each visit has something new and special to offer."
    Kenneth D. Tothero, Associate Director of Educational Technology, Center for Teaching and Learning, The University of Texas at Austin
  • "This site made me want to visit the museum and Texas – a feeling that as a confirmed East Coaster I can honestly say I’ve never had before! It made me like Texans and see what we shared, while letting me appreciate the things about them that are special – that’s not an easy thing to accomplish."
    Anne P. Madarasz, Museum Division Director, Heinz History Center
  • "How I wish we had something on this scale in Indiana.  I really think you could franchise the website."
    Dr. Eric Sandweiss, Chairman, History Department, Indiana University

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