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Midtown Express is a construction project that includes state highways 183, 114 and Loop 12 in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro. This corridor reconstructs and rehabilitates nearly 28 miles of interstate, impacting five cities, two counties, one major international airport (DFW Airport), one smaller domestic airport (Dallas Love Field), large corporations, local businesses, residential areas and recreational interests.

Midtown Express came to Monkee-Boy looking for a mobile app that would help the general public navigate construction heavy areas with ease and help people stay informed about lane closures, accidents, and other inconveniences.

Monkee-Boy Delivers in Spectacular Fashion!

The new Midtown Express App by Monkee-Boy provides information in many ways to its users by showing closures on the map, showing milestones text, and by sending push notifications to users who have them enabled. Check out the Midtown Express App available for iOS and Android!

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