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Tablet view of the Harmonic Bionics homepage

Better Robotics = Better Healthcare

Monkee-Boy is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking website for Harmonic Bionics, a digital health company revolutionizing human capabilities through robotics.

Harmonic Bionics, dedicated to unlocking human functional potential through innovative technology, sought to enhance its digital presence to better connect with its audiences and showcase its cutting-edge solutions. Previously operating on a simple Squarespace site, Harmonic Bionics recognized the need for a more robust platform to support its ambitious goals.

Phone view of the Harmonic Bionics homepage, mobile menu, and solutions overview page

About The Harmonic Bionic Redesign Project

The custom strategy and responsive design implemented by Monkee-Boy elevates Harmonic Bionics' online presence, capturing the essence of their innovative approach and fostering meaningful engagement with their audience. The new website is now a dynamic hub for sharing success stories & news, educating visitors about their solutions, and fostering partnerships within the digital health ecosystem.

We hired Monkee-Boy to do a quick refresh of our current website and it was the best experience I have had to date with an agency. From the professionalism and kindness of their people to the seamless process, to the end product, it was all a 10 out of 10.

Stephani Shipman
VP, Marketing & Business Development

Tablet view of the Harmonic Bionics News overview, and a phone view of a news subpage

The Results

Partnering with Monkee-Boy Web Design was a strategic choice for Harmonic Bionics. Leveraging Monkee-Boy's Accessible WordPress Framework, known as "Mowgli," the new website delivers an engaging user experience and prioritizes hitting all of Google's website quality metrics.

Top PageSpeed Insight Scores for Harmonic Bionic

With Mowgli, Harmonic Bionics achieves top PageSpeed Insight scores, ensuring swift loading times, an inclusive experience, and search engine optimization.

Launching the new Harmonic Bionics website signals a new chapter of growth and innovation for the company and provides a solid foundation for future success in the robotic health landscape.

Laptop view of the Harmonic Bionics contact page with a phone view of the footer

Want to Learn More?

Visit www.harmonicbionics.com to learn more about Harmonic Bionics and explore the transformative capabilities of Harmonic Bionic's Harmony SHR solution.

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