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Growing up as a military child can present unique challenges. Families with members in the armed services move anywhere from six to eight times before children graduate high school. Separation from family members, transitioning across school districts and leaving friends and routines behind can make growing up even more difficult.

Over ten years ago, the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) was founded to help better support these children's academic success. Through programs targeting students, parents and professionals, MCEC works to provide high-quality educational opportunities to all military children who are impacted by mobility, family separation and transition.

MCEC selected Monkee-Boy to redesign the organization's existing website. Project goals include:

  • Migrating content to a content management system that is easy for staff to manage and update
  • Improving site architecture to make relevant information more readily accessible to the organization's audiences 
  • Integrating the redesigned site with third-party fundraising, email and social media platforms and applications
  • Developing a Resource Library with a robust search function
  • Designing an interface that is user-friendly, visually consistent and mobile-friendly

Monkee-Boy is excited to be MCEC's digital partner for this project and to play a part in changing the lives of the families who are serving our country.

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