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A laptop on a desk displaying the Cave Holdings homepage

International Holding Company Embraces Mowgli

Cave Holdings, the holding company for a growing family of international companies, including Dari Concepts (one of Monkee-Boy's longtime clients), has officially launched its new brand and digital presence to, literally, the world. When the time came to get a new brand and website created, they turned to the Monkee-Boy team who created a new brand, style guide, and digital presence that will be used to continuously launch a new family of brands throughout the globe. 

Cave's plan was to start with a small 4-5 page site. They knew, however, that growth was inevitable so they wanted to start on a platform they knew could support them when they were small and as their organization grew into other countries, regions, and industries. WordPress was the platform and Monkee-Boy's Mowgli WordPress Framework was the right tool for the job, allowing them to launch a smaller, accessible site quickly and nimbly with only the bells & whistles they need now, knowing the site, tools, & functionality could grow exponentially when the business called for it.

A tablet and phone displaying the Cave Holdings global reach page

Mapping the Global Footprint

In addition to a new brand and website, the Monkee-Boy team worked closely with the Cave Holdings team to develop an expandable global map that showcased all of the Cave's companies and sub-brands. As the organization extends its reach it is very easy to update the listing ensuring that Cave's customers, partners, and prospects can always see the breadth of reliable services & support the organization can provide internationally.



A laptop and phone displaying the Cave Holdings homepage

About the Mowgli WordPress Framework

Monkee-Boy's Mowgli WordPress Framework is a proprietary, custom WordPress theme builder that streamlines the delivery of smaller, fully accessible WordPress sites. Intentionally built to solve the challenges associated with bringing smaller compelling, inclusive, and easy-to-manage websites to life, Monkee-Boy's Mowgli WordPress Framework finally allows organizations of all sizes to reap the benefits of custom-designed, high-performing, inclusive experiences bringing us all one step closer to "building the web the world needs."

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