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Chart Your Course - The Web Accessibility Road Map

The second article in our "Road to Web Accessibility" series will guide you on how to formalize the path you plan to take to build an inclusive experience.

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The Road to Web Accessibility - A Five Part Series

Ready to build a more inclusive digital experience? This step-by-step series will explain things in simple terms and provide guidance on your road to web accessibility.

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The Value of Project Managers and Attending Conferences

Hundreds of Project Managers from all career paths were brought together in Orlando, Florida, and I found that we were all seeking reassurance and a grounded support system.

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reasons to redesign website

Eight Reasons Why Websites Are Retired Early

Some websites simply have to be "taken out to pasture" well before their time and, unfortunately, before ROI is achieved. Here are some of the most common reasons sites get redesigned early and ways to help yours avoid an early digital grave.

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Six Must Have Skills in a Web Designer

Lately, we've noticed a welcome movement within our industry toward demystifying design in order to make the conversation between agencies and clients more accessible. A website is essentially a company's home on the internet. You would not want someone to cut corners while building your family's home, and the same can be said for your company's website.

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4 Social Media Management Tools We Love

How many times have you shared a link on social media this week? How many times have you retweeted something on Facebook? How many of your shares were then retweeted or reshared?Searchenginejournal.com recently published the results of an experiment showing that Facebook accounts for nearly a quarter of all site visits, meaning that links and articles posted to Facebook are responsible for referring 24% of incoming traffic to all sites.

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Collaboration Tips For Your Web Design Team

Over the past few years, we in the web and product design industry have benefited from improvements in cross-department collaboration between strategists, designers, and developers. This post will focus on how these collaboration techniques can be used to improve communication and efficiency within a single department: design.

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5 Project Management and SaaS Tools We Love

At Monkee-Boy, our design, development and marketing teams strive to be superheroes ready to combat a wide spectrum of problems our clients might be facing with their websites and web presence. Aside from magical powers, great costumes and loveable sidekicks, every superhero must have a utility belt full of cutting-edge crime-fighting tools. Creative agencies have to juggle the needs of multiple clients efficiently and affectively.

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