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We're Monkee-Boy
Your trusted guide to navigating the digital jungle

Monkee-Boy is a leader in creating, securing, and growing enterprise-grade WordPress websites. We are on a mission to "build the web the world needs" by delivering compelling, inclusive, and incredibly easy-to-manage digital experiences.

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How We Help

Our full suite of web services allows us to build long term relationships with like-minded businesses and empower them to solve the web, throttle revenue, and evolve to have highly-effective digital ecosystems.

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Cave Holdings Selects Monkee-Boy for New Website Project


Monkee-Boy Re-platforms CommunityViz.com for Texas A&M Agrilife Extension


Bexar County Juvenile Probation Selects MBoy for New Digital Experience


Gray & Becker Launches New MBoy Experience To Begin World Domination


TKMG Academy Taps Monkee-Boy for Ongoing Site Maintenance & Enhancements


Edwards Aquifer Authority Gets Things Flowing with MBoy's Trusted Digital Diagnostic


Shirley Lin Earns Elite CPACC Accessibility Certification through IAAP

Way to go, Shirley - we're so proud of you!


Pollution Systems Selects Monkee-Boy for Full Redesign Project


Monkee-Boy to Premier Click to Buy Services @ Pestworld 2022!

Come visit us in booth 212!


Texas A&M's Community Watership Partnership Selects Monkee-Boy for Website Replatforming


Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Launches New E-Commerce Store

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Navigating The Digital Jungle

At Monkee-Boy, we speak a lot about navigating the digital jungle. If you're a new customer or considering our team for a new project or program, this article is for you and will help outline what the digital jungle is, how it impacts your business and the things we think about daily.

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Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan

Like most things that matter in life, your website needs ongoing maintenance and support. When you invest in a car, you bring it in for oil changes and check ups. When you invest in a home, you change your air filters and have your ac and heater tuned. Like all these investments, your website is going to need time and attention on a regular basis.

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