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20 Fresh Free Fonts for Designers: Summer 2013

The year is only half-way over, but 2013 has already brought us a multitude of amazing new fonts! Here is a hand-picked list of Monkee-Boy's favorite free fonts so far. From elaborate display lettering to dynamic san-serif typefaces, these freshly designed fonts will help bring a new look to your designs this year. Enjoy!

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Origami Bird

"The Fold" in the New Mobile Web

There have been a plethora of blog articles for and against "the fold," as well as just as many debating if the fold even exists. Here at Monkee-Boy, we hear both sides of the argument regularly from our clients and peers in the design community alike. We'd like to discuss what it is, whether or not we should worry about it, and what that practical application means in web today.

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5 Web Designers Who Lead Through Social Sharing

In light of preparing for our summer internship program, our design team is researching and gathering the best content to aid in web design mentorship. During this process, we are thinking about those in the industry who, through their social media activity, have directed or inspired our team.

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Free Fonts

10 Great Google WebFont Combinations For Your Next Project

Google WebFonts is an open source collection of hundreds of web-friendly fonts, amidst which hide some fantastic treasures. It requires a little digging to find high quality fonts, so thats why weve done it for you. Here are our 10 favorite Google WebFont combinations for display & body copy, feel free to implement in your next project.

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Monkee-Boy Favorites: Best Free Web Resources

Monkee-Boy Favorites: Best Free Web Resources

Resources that save you time, save you money. We at Monkee-Boy value tools that can help us do our job better and faster. The following are a list of tools we use regularly and that we think could also benefit anyone managing a website!

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Who you should be following on pinterest

Who You Should be Following on Pinterest

Pinterest has grown into a great source of inspiration for designers and creatives of all sorts. Weve all been there- stuck in a rut, uninspired, or lacking ideas under a tight deadline. We're bringing you our 20 favorite Pinterest boards of constantly updating inspiration to keep you feeling creative!

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Best Fonts

Our Favorite (Mostly Free!) Fonts of 2012

2012 was a tumultuous year in the web world, and as we've already aired our grievances, we wanted to also share some of our favorite things of the year. We're rounding up our favorite fonts of 2012, free and pay-what-you-want. Enjoy!

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Planning a Logo with a Design Team

Establishing a new or revamped company logo is a vital yet highly involved project for any organization. All other identity and marketing will be affected by the decisions made in communicating your brand through a simple image and some text so it is important to get it right. Here is the client's side of what to look for and expect from a good logo design project.

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