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Submit Sites With The New Fetch as Googlebot Feature

Google announced Wednesday a new way to submit individual URLs for Google search indexing. Submitting links through google's Webmaster Tools allows links to be crawled by Googlebot and submitted for inclusion into Google searches. This can help your site increase search engine rankings and is a must for any new website.

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Five Things To Know If Considering a CMS

Here at Monkee-Boy, we are known for shooting our clients straight. We receive RFPs of all shapes and sizes and most, if not all, contain some kind of CMS requirement. Content management tools can be great as they can give non-technical users the never before imagined ability to manipulate complex components of their site.

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Mobile App vs Mobile Web... Which is better?

Two things are for certain: 1) the internet has changed how and why we do business and 2) smartphones are going to change how and why we use the internet.  With the ever-increasing popularity of using smartphones to access online information, the future of how sites will be built (i.e. how the iPhone has squashed the use of Flash online) and how consumers access your content is here and happening right now.

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Google Analytics - Identifying Mobile Visits To Your Site

We've been getting a ton of questions about mobile sites these days: Should my company build a mobile site? Are many people using smart phones to conduct online business? Are my customers using their phones to view my site? Well, hopefully you have Google Analytics installed on your web site to help you figure out how your visitors are using your site. If so, we can help you answer the above questions and more.

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Monkee-Boy Helps ABC Launch New Customer-Friendly Web Site

If you've got roaches in the kitchen or spiders in the attic...We've got a new web site for you.

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