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What Is Inbound Marketing?

You may have heard the term thrown around in meetings and on the web, but what is inbound marketing exactly? Simply put, it is the marketing process of attracting someone to your business and then leading them through the sales funnel. Today, Ill break it down into the three levels of the marketing methodology and what pursuing each level could look like for your business.

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Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday: Social Media Icon PSD

Good design is a staple at Monkee-Boy and we hate when it is hard to find. That's why we want to pass around some freebies from our design department. Click on the image below to download these free social media icons designed by yours truly. Includes mini square buttons and rectangular icons in both active and pressed states.

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Google+ Local Makes Local Search a Social Experience

Ever since Google introduced Google+ Pages, internet marketers have been preaching the value of using Google+ for business. With the merge of Google Places and Plus Pages into the new Google+ Local, that notion has never been more relevant. It's clear at this point that Google is trying to cement their position in the social networking space, and is leveraging existing services to accomplish just that.

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

It has been some time since there has been much ado about marketing well at least in the 1960s-cut-throat Mad Men sense of the industry. To fully understand the importance of an inbound marketing strategy and what it could mean for your business, lets take a look at the history and difference between the two strategies.

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Google Analytics 2011 Update Review

Early this month SEO endured Googles transformative search update Search Plus Your World, but this wasn't the only home improvement endeavor Google showcased in the past year. Sandwiched between the release of Google+ and Search Plus Your World was a very important update to Google Analytics.

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Search Plus Your World: Google's SEO Game Changer

In case you haven't already heard, Google has drastically shaken up SEO with the release of Google "Search Plus Your World". The search update integrates the new social network Google+ with good ol' Google search results. Now, when users search a term in Google's search engine the real-estate above the results list, to the right of the results (previously ad space) and under individual results will be populated with Google+ data.

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7 Tips to Maintain Your Website Reputation

A great article came across our desk from our friends at EntireWeb regarding the top 7 things required to keep confidence in your site. In order to succeed and combat the competitive online world, you need to maintain a good reputation online. A good reputation does not only require a good website design but a lot more to build confidence, to grow sales and ultimately leads to better revenues and higher profitability.

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Your Holiday E-Commerce Checklist!

The holiday season is well underway and holiday shoppers are turning every leaf, or search result, to find the best deals on gift items. If you have a retail website and wish to convert those bouncy online holiday shoppers then you will want to prepare your site and improve the holiday customer experience. Consider this your personal check list for a successful holiday season and, well, go ahead and check it... a few times!

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